We entered the print category of the Cannes Young Lions competition (whilst we’re still classed as young!) and even though we didn’t get to catch the sun in Cannes this year, we’re pretty pleased with the result of an evening’s work.

Tick Tock / Big Bus Challenge

Our shortlisted idea for the Big Bus Challenge for Tick Tock, the original redbush tea and the nation’s favourite ‘anytime’ tea. Sadly the journey terminated there and we didn’t win overall.


Sealife Centre

We created an ambient stunt for the launch of the SeaLife Centre in Sydney, which was used for a pitch whilst in McCann Birmingham. We proposed to fill the sky with candle powered sky lanterns, which have been modified to resemble a giant cluster of jellyfish.  


Print campaign to reaffirm BIC as the best, and most reliable, brands of pen on the market.


An integrated campaign we did a while back for Auto Trader highlighting that the website should be the first and only place to look when buying a new or used car, offering both quality and variety. Outdoor ads would involve creating special builds, made up of other existing car adverts. By stuffing multiple car ads together inside a 6-sheet, it will create the illusion of one car. Each ad will highlight the vast choice available within a specific category.

Dove Dry Shampoo

Make Dove’s Dry Shampoo the first choice for women and men on the go and educate them that it’s never been easier to get that freshly washed feeling, anywhere. In popular high-street retailers we will replace the changing room curtains with shower curtains and also place a sample of the product inside, so that they’ll be able to test it out whilst trying on clothes - when they’re going to be judging their appearance.

Stanley FUBAR

A campaign for Stanley’s ultimate demolition tool, the Fubar.


Tropicana Essentials Magnesium has enough magnesium to help reduce tiredness, release energy from food and support healthy bones and heart. Therefore it’s the perfect juice to kick start your day and wake you up in the mornings.

We would encourage consumers to join our fight against tiredness and take part in the ultimate morning challenge by creating an online activation, which uses your computer's’ webcam and facial recognition software.