Chris and Cristina

The Royal British Legion


Life after service campaign

Every year thousands of men & women put their lives on hold and leave their friends & family behind to join our armed forces. After their service ends, The Royal British Legion provides the advice and support they need to help them successfully transition back into society and continue their lives when they return.

Remembrance Day is what The Royal British Legion are most commonly known for. Every year, the nation falls silent for two-minutes to remember those who gave their lives for our country, but what about the other 525,598 minutes in the year? This year we wanted people to rethink remembrance and continue to educate people of the help and support they provide for servicemen & women returning from service today. An online calculator will let people quickly work out exactly how much two minutes of their time is worth and donate it. So now people can give two minutes of their time without having to pause.  

Two minutes of your time will help us help ex-servicemen & women for the other 525,598 minutes in the year.

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