Hertzstück™ Social Campaign

During the London Restaurant Festival 2018, BASF hosted an interactive experience to showcase its latest innovation, an infrared sensor called Hertzstück™, which lets you see things the human eye can’t. Our challenge was to create engaging content to accompany the campaign that would intrigue consumers who didn’t attend the event to find out more. We developed a series of social films that presented the new technology to people in a fun and understandable way.


Electric Car Batteries

By 2025, BASF aim to double the driving range of midsize electric cars from 300km to 600km on a single charge. To raise awareness of BASF’s innovations in electric car battery materials, our idea was to write the world’s first global sentence using an electric car, which was exactly 600kms long (ie. one charge in the future).


Corporate Brand Film

Upon winning their corporate business account, we helped develop a new global strategy for BASF and below is the film we made to launch the new brand strategy of optimism to the world. It ran in America, South America & Asia, and also in Europe later this year.


Utility Poles Film

One of our first projects for BASF was to develop a film that would showcase their new extremely robust, ultra-light utility poles, which can withstand natural disasters. This means electricity supplies won’t be lost and towns and cities can therefore recover much quicker.